Finished Business

Finished Business

catholic poetry room
This week’s poem in the Catholic Poetry Room is by Luke Andrews.

Finished Business

The Secretary for Economy
Summoned the Lord Eternal to account
For the prodigally unfortunate amount
He’d spent employing his autonomy.

“Two septillion stars and still inflating,
Aeons of entropical recession,
Millennia repeating just one lesson
To generations not worth educating!”

The message stung. “It’s for efficiency.
Your work is good; it’s just that you’re redundant.
Costs are up, resources less abundant.
There’ll be sufficient severance—wait and see.”

Defined, the earner turned for aid to One
Who’d founded worth in yielding up his Son.

Luke Andrews is a trial lawyer and writer based in Atlanta. His writing has appeared in Macrina Magazine, Ekstasis, and The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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