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All volunteer positions, interests and abilities, support the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Ministry
If you have an interest in volunteering; see committee descriptions to determine the best place for you.

Name =_____JDCCR Committee Chair Member/s

Administrative Committee ----   
Other special interest positions 
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Each member of the _______JDCCR Council committee serves and functions as that committee’s Chair. This description relates to Chair duties and responsibilities for the Committee.

Member attends JDCCR Council meetings on the _____ of the month. Meetings begin at _____ and generally last _____ minutes.
Brief committee updates are a part of the regular Council meeting agenda.

•Committee Chair Member: President/Liaison Description:
  The President/Liaison supervises the activities of all committees, ensures that timely reports from all committees are made and ensures that the decisions and
  resolutions of the _____JDCCR meetings and _____JDCCR Council are carried out.

  The President/Liaison serves a term of ______years, preceded by a ______year term as Vice President/ Assistant.
  The total commitment is ______years.

•Committee Chair Member Vice President/Assistant Description:
  The Vice President/Assistant (VP/A) serves as the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee during his or her term of (_____years).
  The Strategic Planning Committee,  he or she assists with setting the proposed agenda, facilitates progress and updates for the current strategic plan.
   he or she participates in planning various activities.
  This position of the Vice President fills in for the President when he or she is absent or otherwise unavailable.
  The Vice President/Assistant Attends _______JDCCR meetings on the _____ of the month. Meetings begin at ______ and generally last ____ minutes.

•Finance Committee & Qualifications:
 Members Must have a general understanding of budgeting and financial record keeping and a willingness to discuss and make recommendations on difficult financial matters:

•Audit Committee Description & Qualifications:
 The Audit Committee conducts an annual review of our finances for the preceding year. This task-oriented committee is active for _______weeks per year and submits
 a yearly report reviewing all finances.
Optional - •Audit Committee members cannot be members of the _____JDCCR Council.

 Audit Committee members serve a ____ year term. Total time commitment is about ____hours per year.
 Understanding of budgeting and finances is necessary for this position.

•Committee Chair: Financial Secretary Description:
  The Secretary is responsible for managing the contributions and other gifts to ________JDCCR and reports on contributions and other gifts for purpose of financial record keeping,
  to Audit Committee members and the _______JDCCR Committee President and Treasurer.

•Committee Chair: Treasurer Description:
  The Treasurer is responsible for accounting and cash management issues such as writing checks to pay bills and preparing a monthly financial report.
  The Treasurer presents to the ______JDCCR, Committee President and Audit Committee members the annual financial report and budget.

•Committee Chair Member: Activities Descriptions:
  A Committee Chair Member serving as secretary records the minutes at monthly _____JDCCR meetings and other special meetings and distributes
  them via mail or electronically to all committee members.

  Committee Chair member/s provide a brief written summary of committee activity from the calendar year.
  Committee Chair member/s plan, organize, participate in planning or conduct various activities at sponsored events, seminars, speakers, materials, online websites and distribute
  via mail or electronically.
  Committee Chair members arrange/coordinate housing for overnight guest speaker/s.

•Committee Chair Member/s Worship Music Ministry Descriptions:
  Provides input for planning, implementation, evaluation and budgeting for the worship and musical activities and communication.
  Committee Chair member/s provide Webpage Administrator with information to update website.

•Web Page Administrator Description:
  The webpage administrator maintains the _____JDCCR website.   Updates the calendar to keep it current.
  Updates the webpage's as needed.
  Create additional webpage's as needed.
  Monitor and maintain the misdirected and junk email account folders.
  Serve as contact for the webpage and email hosting site.